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Types Of Home Inspections

Real Estate Insurance Inspections

In addition to the normal home inspection that you would get before buying a home, there are 2 additional inspection reports that are sometimes required by insurance companies. The Four Point Inspection and the Wind Mitigation Inspection.

4 Point Inspection

What Is A Four Point Inspection? A 4 point inspection is a type of a home inspection that will focus on 4 major areas of your home. The four areas are HVAC, electrical wiring, plumbing fixtures & connections, and your roof. The four point inspection report will evaluate the age and condition of these major areas.

The 4 point inspection became necessary because of the concerns about older homes by insurance companies. They were becoming increasingly concerned about the liability for them when dealing with homes that are 25 years or older.

This report is a separate report than the typical home inspection report and must be completed by a qualified home inspector or general contractor.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

A wind mitigation inspection, or windstorm inspection, is a type of a home inspection which determines the ability of a structure to withstand powerful winds (tropical storms & hurricanes).

Windstorm inspections are usually required by insurance companies for homes located in southern coastal areas. This inspection is usually performed by a licensed general contractor, engineer, or a licensed home inspector.